Monday, May 23, 2011

Daniel's Birthday Week

After reading on my friend Kari's blog about her and her husband celebrating each other's birthdays all week (Andrew's birthday-week) , I decided to do something similar for Daniel!

Monday: new Rangers t-shirt and athletic shorts

Tuesday: Brownies and ice cream for dessert - YUMMY!

Wednesday: New polo shirt

Thursday: Certificate for full car wash

Friday: The big day! Breakfast burritos from Leal's and a popcorn maker - Happy birthday, my love!!  One perk of working at Sanderson Farms: you get the day off on your birthday, so Daniel got a long weekend and we got to hang out all day!

Saturday: Birthday party!
Playing croquet in the backyard
My brother, Max, and my Dad
Daniel's brother Micah, his wife Jenny, and their stepdad Wes eating dinner (Daniel grilled hamburgers)
Notice the radar on the TV behind them?!  We thought we were going to get hit by a major storm at any minute, so we spent most of the evening inside.  But we never got more then a few drops of rain!

Family photo
I think we wore her out!
Sunday: I washed Daniel's car (see Thursday's gift) and vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned the inside.  It looked pretty!  But I forgot to take a picture, so you'll just have to take my word for it! :)

We're going to go out to eat at some point this week to celebrate both of our birthdays since mine is on Wednesday.

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  1. Like the one week of celebrating! Personally, I just want to pretend that it's just another day on the calendar! Love all the pictures. Glad you had a fun weekend. Love you, Aunt D